Crate Training: The Pros & Cons

Learn the benefits and risks of crate training

It may seem difficult at first to put your puppy or dog in a crate, but it can be invaluable for living peacefully with your animal. Consider the pros and cons of crate training for dogs:

The pros:

The crate provides a safe space for your animal to stay
The crate can be a quiet haven for your dog
The crate teaches obedience and helps with house breaking

The cons:

The crate can cause harm if the dog is left too long
The crate can cause frustration if the dog is isolated
The crate can cause injury if it has sharp edges or isn't ventilated well

With consistent obedience training, your dog should learn to rest comfortably in his or her crate. For more comprehensive help, schedule training sessions at our location in Pine Bush, NY.