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Does your dog jump up on every person who enters your home? Do they bark constantly, chew uncontrollably or pull too hard on a leash? You love your pooch, but these behaviors can be frustrating and sometimes dangerous. Polite Pooches Dog Training is the trusted dog training school in the Pine Bush, NY area. Together, we can help you achieve the change in behavior you're seeking.

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Polite Pooches Dog Training is a local, family-owned business based in Pine Bush, NY. Our lead trainer was trained by Sue Steinberg and has taken classes with Pat Miller, a leading dog trainer. Whether you have an older, aggressive dog or you're bringing a puppy home, our techniques will make for a more harmonious home.

Learn more about crate training for dogs and other important topics when you contact our team today.

Transform your relationship with your dog

As your local dog trainer in Pine Bush, NY serving all of Orange County area, we want to make a difference in the lives of as many dogs and owners as possible. You'll always receive open communication, accessibility and consistent follow-up. At Polite Pooches Dog Training, we believe:

All dogs can learn better behavior
It's important to foster the owner and dog relationship
A strong relationship makes training easier
Training should be fun

We want you and your dog to be comfortable at all times during our dog training sessions. By helping you work with your dog, you'll see the change you're looking for.

Invest in positive reinforcement dog training for your animal now.